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Welcome to Stay Direct.

During these unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic we have been affected ourselves and seen how others have been affected by the large holiday accommodation agencies. During these difficult times, many of the large agencies have not been treating customers or owners with an honest, trustworthy, or transparent service. Customers feel as if they are being deceived and not valued, whilst owners have lost trust in these agencies, since they have been made to look at fault, despite not having the direct communication with their guests. Owners have also been expected to refund money which they have not received, due to the agencies large commission being deducted.

Currently there are not many tools available for owners to advertise their properties without using large agencies. Most online platforms take large percentages of owner’s earnings, just like an agency and charge the guests an additional premium. During the coronavirus pandemic, these platforms have given customers refunds in the form of a credit note, ensuring they have to re-book with them, but the owners have received nothing – therefore losing the earnings and the customers future booking. Some of the platforms, who have very hefty fees, are: Home Away, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking.com, AirBnB and many more!

So, we created Stay Direct.

Why Stay Direct?

Stay Direct is a platform where owners can advertise their properties and link to their own website for the customers to book directly. We want to bridge the gap between owners and customers, by removing the middleman. Stay Direct enables guests to book directly with owners and we strive to be the number one platform who achieves this.

Currently owners who want to advertise their accommodation face the problem of trying to do everything and be marketing experts, accommodation managers, housekeepers, maintenance professionals whilst being on call 24/7 for customers trying book or that may have queries whilst staying at your property. Since there are now so many properties available for guests to book, owners are competing against each other all trying to do the same. But, if these properties were all in the same place, you would not need to be a Marketing Specialist, as Stay Direct’s sole purpose would be to advertise them. This would also make the process so much easier for customers, to find a wide selection of properties, all in one place.

Who are we?

Stay Direct is owned and run by Liam and Danielle.

We are holiday accommodation owners and have many family and friends who were customers and have been affected by the current situation of Coronavirus.

Danielle is a marketing professional with many years of experience in the travel industry. Stay Direct will have a comprehensive marketing strategy, gaining maximum exposure for their website and the holiday properties advertising on Stay Direct. Liam is a web developer working on many large-scale clients in various sectors.

With ours skills, we want to work together with owners who use Stay Direct to create a platform that works both for them and their customers.


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